DON’T Microwave Solo Cups ~ This Will Happen

Microwaving Solo Cups

A lot of people are asking questions about Solo cups and if they are safe to go in the microwave.

So, I have decided to do some deep research about the topic to answer your questions.

Can you microwave Solo cups? No, Solo cups are not microwavable. Solo cups are pretty solid, but they are not heat resistant. People who drink hot beverages in them might have noticed the cups being a bit squishy in hand, indicating that they are not microwave-safe.

This short read will tell you why Solo cups should not go in the microwave and what will happen when you heat food or drinks using these cups.

Are Solo Cups Microwave-Safe?

As mentioned earlier, Solo cups are not microwaveable.

The brand produces sturdy plastic and paper cups, but the cups can’t endure the heat inside a microwave.

It is not advised that you use Solo plastic cups for hot beverages such as coffee and tea.

Solo paper cups, on the other hand, are ideal for hot beverages but not for heating food in the microwave.

Pay attention when you buy coffee from a shop that utilizes Solo cups. When the hot liquid gets into the cup, it quickly weakens.

This indicates that the cup is not microwave-safe. The next time you want to use a cup to heat a hot chocolate, use microwave-safe ones.

What Can Happen When You Microwave Solo Cups?

Solo cups are not designed for microwave or oven use. When you use these cups to heat food in the microwave, you might experience several problems.

First, taking out a Solo cup that you used to heat food in a microwave within a short time can burn your hand.

When heated for a longer time, the cup may melt. For this reason, your microwave will become dirty, and the food will be wasted.

It will also be difficult for you to remove a melted plastic or paper cup.

Using plastic Solo cups for coffee is not recommended, and even more when you use them to reheat food or drink in the microwave.

Paper Solo cups are not any better, as it is not good to microwave any container made out of paper material.

You should utilize microwave-safe mugs or flasks to reheat your food and beverages. These items are a good investment for future use.

Better Remedy for Heating Beverages

If you really want something that can go into the microwave to reheat a cup of coffee, use a microwave-safe mug.

Otherwise, use a ceramic or glass cup or bowl. Some people prefer disposable microwave-safe cups so they can reheat coffee in their workplace.

Manufacturers will print a “microwave safe” label on cups that can tolerate the microwave oven’s heat.

This label is not determined by the manufacturer but by the FDA. So, the next time you buy a cup, choose one that has this label.

Different Types of Solo Cups

Solo cups come in different colors and types. These cups are made to suit everyday lifestyles, making them more convenient for dining with friends and family.

You can choose from plastic and paper cup variants, depending on your needs.

Solo paper cups are best for hot beverages, while the plastic variants are for cold beverages only.


Solo cups are not microwave-safe. It’s better to buy a cup or mug that can safely go in the microwave rather than heating food using Solo cups.

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