Every Baker Needs These In Their Kitchen

Baker’s Supplies

They say that a worker is only as successful as their equipment. So, you better make sure that you have the right tools on hand while preparing for the best results. After all, how can you bake without the correct equipment?

What does every baker need? A baker must have a scale, tins, an oven thermometer, an electric mixer, baking mats, a whisk, a rolling pin, baking spatulas, and pans. Also, they must have measuring tools, a pastry brush, and a bench scraper.

The list in this article is for everyone, whether you are an expert or new at baking. I have narrowed down the essential tools for baking.

Digital Scale

The digital scale may be the single most significant thing on the list. Flour is the main ingredient in the baking process, and the wrong calculation of it will be a baking error.

A digital scale that can be set to grams would be perfect. It also needs to have a tare function to put a bowl on it and then zero it.

Oven Thermometer

Another piece of equipment that I suggest is an oven thermometer. Many ovens are too hot or too cold, and this useful appliance ensures that you bake at the right temperature.


Non-stick tins are superior to traditional tins or silicone tins. Although silicone tins are non-stick, they do not disperse heat equally.

A decent non-stick tin will help you scrape cakes and mixture quickly.

I propose a springform tin for cheesecakes. For cupcakes, use a deep muffin pan, not a fairy cake tin. Invest in a special whoopie pie tin if you’d like.

If not, scoop the mixture into a flat tin with gaps between the sponges.

Stand Mixer

The electric stand mixer is pricey, but after using it you will wonder how you have gotten by without it.

The accessories include the whip, paddle, and dough handle. It should be enough to make the buttercream, mix the flour, and knead the dough. It can also whip egg whites for meringues.

Silicone Baking Mats

Parchment paper is fine, so why not bake with something reusable? Mats have benefits over parchment paper.

They are quick to slide onto a baking sheet and have a comparable weight. This makes them hold on better than our beloved parchment sheets.


Whisks come in many different types, and they all have their own unique purpose, so I suggest keeping a range at your disposal in the kitchen.

For use in pots and pans, whisks with a more narrow profile are great. Their slender shape makes them a better choice when whisking pastry cream on top of the stove.

Use an assortment of metal whisks and silicone-coated wire whisks that scrape the sides of a bowl like a spatula.

A bubble whisk with a big, bulbous end is suited to large quantities of ingredients. This form helps launch the folding process when making angel food cakes.

Rolling Pin

A rolling pin helps to flatten and mold everything from pizza and pastry crust to cookie dough and biscuits.

For beginners, this type of roller is the simplest to use and requires less friction than the rod’s form. Get a decent quality wooden pin, and it will be the only one you will ever need.

Baking Spatula

The spatula is for frosting cakes and spreading toppings or mixtures smoothly over the food being cooked.

The blade is slightly translucent, which helps disperse and smooth the impression of soft toppings. The spatula is used as a decorative item, but you can also use it to serve slices of cake, pie, or bars.

Offset Spatula

An offset spatula, also referred to as a cake spatula or decorative spatula, features a thin metal blade with a wooden handle.

The metal has a couple of twists in it so that the blade is almost half an inch lower than the handle. This makes it possible to ice the middle of the cake without the knuckles bumping against the corners.

Silicone Spatula

This versatile tool is perfect for removing the last piece of batter from inside your mixing bowl. Get one with a long stick.

Although a regular rubber spatula is appropriate for scraping, a silicone one is heat-resistant. It does double duty for beating eggs and sautéing.


Baking pans are used to hold batters and significant amounts of food.

The food is put in the pan and cooked in the oven.

Pie Dish (Pan)

When you are about to make your first pie, you will need a pan to bake it in. A 9-inch glass pie dish is probably all you need to start with.

Yet a durable aluminum dish is perfect for blind baking and for cooking graham crackers or baking crusts.

Round Cake Pans

You’ll want to pick up a pair of round 8-inch cake pans for cakes. Many cake recipes make two layers.

These are either 8-inch or 9-inch, which means you’ll need two. Otherwise, you won’t be able to bake the two layers at the same time. Rugged aluminum is better. Stick with sides that are 2 inches thick to give the cake space to grow.

High-Quality Measuring Tools

Dry and liquid measuring cups are some of the best purchases you will ever make. They will definitely have a good impact on your baking.

In 2011, Pyrex had some read-from-above liquid measuring cups, but in an independent test, they were not as reliable as the company’s older ones.

Remember to buy wisely. Pyrex seems to be making its classic models again, so go for them.

Silicone Pastry Brush

The pastry brush has been converted into silicone. Silicone brushes clean perfectly in a dishwasher, with no residue, taste, or color left behind.

Plus, silicone brushes do not shed! They come in different sizes, but for the pastry kitchen, look for ones with delicate bristles like the one above.

Bench Scraper

Everyone loves a simple baking tool that has several uses and gets the job done! Bench scrapers sweep up ingredients to pass to bowls, help to cut brownies and bars, and make it easy to scrub.

After the work surface is dusted, the bench scraper takes a little bit of flour and dough out of the top’s surface. Especially if the dough sticks to the floor, it is nice to get it up, too.

For chopping almonds, the bench scraper scoops them and moves them to batters and doughs. It then quickly scrapes all the little bits of powder remaining on the surface.

Why You Should Use the Correct Baking Tools

Everyone has heard the phrases, “The right tool for the right job,” and “You’re only as good as your tools.” These sayings are very real when it comes to choosing and using cooking equipment.

A well-equipped baking space is the best friend of the baker, either at home or in a restaurant. When you have the right baking equipment, you feel at ease and remain focused on preparing a dessert.

Makes Results Taste Better

When you use the right utensils, you will find it easier to weigh the ingredients you need.

For example, when you make cakes, you need the correct measurements of sugar, flour, and cornstarch. Without adequate measurements, the texture and consistency of your cake will be off.

Most notably, the pot should have a strong thermal conductivity and be oven-safe. In this respect, some of the stainless steel bakeware sets provide higher quality to you.

They Are Fun to Use

Baking with the right utensils is a lot more enjoyable. You’re going to love baking, and everything just seems to fall in line.

This is particularly true when you choose to bake together as a family so that you can easily follow the recipes.

With Them, Baking Is Easier

When you’re working on directions that you don’t comprehend, it’s better to get the right utensils.

This is because you don’t have to improvise, and you can follow the recipe as an instructional. It also makes it easy to adhere to the prescribed cooking time.

Makes for a Great Presentation

The preparation of ingredients and food is simpler, but the right tools make it easy to show the food accurately. For a proper presentation, you need the right materials.


Without proper cooking equipment, making pastry can be very stressful and exhausting.

Baking feels like an uphill battle if you don’t have the right utensils. Make sure you buy the things in this article before starting your baking journey.

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