Here Is Why You Might Be Able to Hold Boiling Water In Solo Cups

Boiling Water

When paper cups were booming in the market, Dixie invented a signature item. The inventions were not red or round, but they sure became popular during the last century’s health scares.

It was a cone-shaped cup used with water coolers, which had since become popular in public areas.

Can Solo cups hold boiling water? If it is a double-walled, insulated cup for hot drinks, yes. But if it is for a keg, then no. Do not experiment with pouring hot water in Solo cups for beer to avoid harming yourself.

This blog will explain the danger when you try to pour liquid that is not suitable for the cup design.

But if you are tired of using your Solo cup for cold refreshments only, I have good news! This blog also contains a list of fun things you can do with your unused Solo cups!

Pouring Hot Drinks into Plastic Cups

Never use your usual disposable plastic cups for hot drinks. Many disposable cups are made of either BPA or PVC plastic.

This type of plastic is prone to the leaching of the base plastic when exposed to higher temperatures. Also, the rate of this plastic leaching content will increase by 55% when you pour hot drinks.

When the plastic base material’s leaching begins, it will spill toxic plastic chemicals directly onto your hot drink. These plastic cups end up giving a plastic taste to your hot water or coffee.

It may also lead to health complications if you use these cups for a prolonged period. Therefore, you cannot use plastic disposable cups to hold and drink hot drinks.

The Type of Solo Cup for a Hot Drink

Solo makes two types of paper cups: one for cold drinks and the other for hot drinks. It would be best if you used a Solo paper cup specially designed for hot drinks.

I am not going to suggest that you use their most famous Solo red cups for this reason. It would be best if you used Solo red cups only for cold drinks or water.

The best Solo cups for hot liquid are the 12 oz and 16 oz Solo paper hot cups. They come with reclosable lids, too.

The consistency of the lid on these hot coffee cups is resistant to leakage. It effectively avoids unintentional slipping of hot coffee or tea.

Solo hot paper cups are perfect for those who love to drink hot coffee in the morning while refreshing their thoughts. Hot coffee is still hot for a decent period in these hot paper cups.

The best thing is that they are fully eco-friendly because they are made of 95% biodegradable plant-based material. Their stylish style amuses people, making their sales higher each year.

Are Solo Cups Microwave-Safe?

Although it’s very sturdy, it does not have a lot of heat ability, so it is not microwave-safe.

If hot water is pumped into it, it will be flexible. You may have found this versatility when purchasing coffee from the supermarket.

When hot water hits the Solo cup, it weakens faster because it is made of ordinary plastic.

As a result, the beverage in the microwave is not fit for cooking. Use a secure cup to heat the water or drink in the microwave.

It is not microwave-friendly, and if you use this cup in a microwave, you will have issues with it.

Your hand may burn when the cup is taken out. If a single cup is heated for a long period, it can melt.

As a result, the microwave may get dirty, you may have trouble washing it, and food may be contaminated.

What If You Accidentally Consume Plastic in Your Hot Drinks?

You will need to have a detox. Fortunately, unnecessary plastic components are easy to flush out of the body system.

It will require you to undertake these three tasks.

1. Hydrate and Hydrotherapy

Optimize the consumption of water to accelerate the removal of toxins in your organs.

Try hydrotherapy for cardiovascular health.

2. Increase Cardiovascular Activity

Do not overdo it because you have yet to recover from the lung damage caused by plastic ingestion.

3. Perform Deep Breathing

This exercise will enhance the functioning of the lungs and stimulate the levels of oxygen in the blood.

Fun Ways to Use Your Solo Cups

Solo cup building challenge

Let your child’s imagination go crazy with Solo cups, popsicle sticks, and your engaging questions.

Make overnight oats

Overnight oats in transparent mason jars are fashionable but not convenient.

If you are a busy guy, the last thing you need is a mason jar and a spoon to clean up. For this reason, overnight oats in a Solo cup are so much smarter.

It would help if you made your oats the same way.

Cover the cup with tinfoil. Take a plastic spoon and a single cup of oats and hit the road.

Plastic Solo cup phones

Turning a Solo cup into a toy phone will be a fun way to teach your child about how sound works.


  • 20 feet of string or yarn
  • 2 paper clips (optional)
  • 2 plastic cups
  • a sharpened pencil


  1. Use your sharpened pencil to make a small hole at the bottom of each cup.

  2. Insert the string through the cup’s hole and tie a knot in the yarn inside the cup to keep it in place. If the string slips through the hole, just tie it to the paper clip to help keep it in place.

  3. Pull the string’s other end through the bottom of your second cup and secure it in place as well.

You are ready to make a phone call! When one person whispers in his cup, the other person should respond in his own cup.


Do not use cups that are not intended for hot liquids, especially ones made from plastics.

This can burn your palm, harm your health, and possibly introduce toxins to your body if the liquid absorbs the plastic material.

If you want to drink hot coffee during your leisure time, I suggest bringing a reusable cup.

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