Why It Is Not Safe to Drink Hot Liquids From a Plastic Cup

Hot Liquids From a Plastic Cup

Many people drink hot liquids like coffee or tea in the morning. Often, people question whether they can use plastic cups for drinking these beverages.

It is not ideal, as hot liquids can destroy the plastic cups themselves. Plus, you will be putting your health at risk.

Is it safe to drink hot liquids from plastic cups? No, it is not, as hot liquids can cause a potentially harmful chemical to leach out of certain plastics. Many plastic cups are made from Bisphenol-A materials that are not ideal for use with warm or hot liquids.

In this short read, you will learn about the dangers of using plastic materials for hot liquids like coffee or tea.

It is also imperative to know the effects of drinking from a plastic cup.

Plastic Materials and Hot Liquids

Plastic belongs to a huge polymer family that comes in many forms, sizes, and products.

The plastic that you normally see used as liquid containers, like bottles, coffee makers, and plastic coffee cups, is usually made from PVC and BPA.

This means that these plastic materials can leach out of the basic plastic material and end up in the cup itself.

This can get worse if you apply or pour warm liquids like hot water into plastic bottles.

The rate of leaching plastic from its base material can reach up to 55%. This means that the plastic cup will release plastic additives when you pour any liquid that can emit steam.

The additives can also enter your body after mixing with hot drinks in your plastic cups.

Dangers of Hot Liquid to a Plastic Cup

You will encounter plenty of dangers if you pour hot liquid into your plastic cup. Here are some of them:

Hormonal Imbalance

BPA is a chemical that resembles the human sex hormone.

That is why BPAC easily gets interchanged with playing endocrine disruptors.


If BPA is mixed with coffee, it can lead to a chromosome error, which can be dangerous for women of childbearing age.

In fact, many pregnant women can suffer miscarriages due to chromosomal errors in the fetus.

Carcinogenic Effects

Polyvinyl chloride, vinyl chloride, and dioxin materials are the most common materials used in making plastic cups.

These materials can contribute to many health risks because of their property breaking down the bond with the parent material.

Vinyl chloride is known to be a human carcinogenic substance.


Overall, it is not safe to pour or drink any hot liquid in water bottles. There are many concerning effects of drinking from a plastic cup, so you should avoid it as much as possible.

Even if the amount of plastic elements is small, if they leach into your hot liquid, they can disrupt your health.

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