Microwave Your Dunkin Donuts Cup Might Be Dangerous ~ Here Is Why

Can I Microwave a Dunkin Donuts Cup?

Dunkin Donuts paper cups are intended for fresh-made hot coffee without the need for an extra sleeve around it.

The cup keeps the coffee warm for a longer time. Because many are asking if they can reheat their Dunkin Donut coffee in the microwave, I will answer that in this short post.

Can I microwave a Dunkin Donuts cup? No, Dunkin Donuts uses paper cups made with hot beverages in mind, but they are not made for reheating or cooking. The sides of these cups are sealed with glue that can melt, distort the cup’s shape, or leak when microwaved at high heat.

Today’s post will tell you why you shouldn’t microwave your favorite Dunkin Donuts hot beverage directly from its cup. Let’s get into it.

Microwave Dunkin Donuts Cups: Is It Safe?

Microwave ovens agitate water molecules by using friction to create heat.

Paper cups like the ones used by Dunkin Donuts might be intended to hold hot beverages, but they are not designed for reheating and cooking.

As mentioned earlier, the adhesives on the sides of Dunkin Donuts paper cups cause a leak or melt in contact with a high heat level.

When this happens, your coffee is no longer safe to drink.

In general, microwave ovens make pockets of uneven heat that can also burn the paper cup.

It is best to transfer the coffee to a ceramic or glass mug to reheat in the microwave.

Can You Microwave Dunkin Donuts’ Double-Walled Paper Cups?

Some states in the U.S., as well as England and other countries, transitioned from using polystyrene foam cups to double-walled paper cups.

These cups are certified by the Sustainable Forestry Initiative Standard and are designed to have better heat retention properties than foam cups.

As a result, your coffee will stay hot for a longer time. Meanwhile, the exterior of the cup remains cool to the touch.

The double-walled paper cups of Dunkin Donuts might have improved heat retention, but they are still made of paper.

Experts do not recommend heating coffee in the microwave, as the adhesives that bond its double-wall will melt in the presence of intense heat.

On the other hand, Dunkin Donuts continually improves its cup designs to be more environmentally friendly and safe for one’s health.

The double-wall cups are better for the environment but that doesn’t mean they can safely go in the microwave.


Dunkin Donuts cups are not microwave-safe. So, the next time your favorite Dunkin Donuts hot beverage gets cold, transfer it to a mug or cup that can safely go in the microwave.

The microwave-safe cups you can use instead of Dunkin Donuts cups are ceramic, Pyrex, glass mugs, bowls, or cups.

Dunkin Donuts cups are designed to be sturdy and eco-friendly, but they are not resistant to high heat levels.

The heat inside the microwave can burn or distort the paper cup and melt the adhesives that bond the cup’s wall, making it dangerous to one’s health.

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