Microwaving McDonald’s Coffee Cups Is Not A Good Idea ~ Here Is Why

McDonald’s Coffee Cups

McDonald’s serves a delicious coffee drink that is great to sip on a cold morning before work.

But unfortunately, some people don’t get the chance to drink their coffee right away.

While it is tempting to microwave a McDonald’s coffee cup to reheat your coffee, is it a good idea?

Why can you not microwave McDonald’s coffee cups? McDonald’s serves its hot beverages in a paper cup made of cardboard material, with a plastic lid and a plastic lining inside. These are not microwave-safe. The cups are made to withstand the hot drink’s heat, but not the heat inside the microwave.

Below is an explanation of whether it is safe to microwave McDonald’s coffee cups.

If you are used to warming your coffee with this convenient appliance, this post is something you should read.

Are McDonald’s Coffee Cups Microwave-Safe?

You can tell that a cup is safe to go in the microwave if it is made with materials that won’t be affected by the microwave’s heat.

Unfortunately, McDonald’s coffee cups are made of a cardboard material glued together to seal the side seams.

The inside of the cup is also coated with wax or plastic to seal the paper and prevent leaks.

As mentioned earlier, McDonald’s cups can hold hot drinks but not withstand the high level of heat in the microwave.

The plastic coating could melt when exposed to extreme heat, causing chemicals to leach into the coffee.

It could also burn the cup, causing the liquid to leak. Thus, McDonald’s coffee cups are not safe to go in the microwave.

How to Determine if a McDonald’s Coffee Cup Is Microwave-Safe

You can find a “do not microwave” label on a McDonald’s cup.

If that’s not enough to convince you, here is an experiment that you can do to see for yourself:

1. Fill about half of the McDonald’s cup with water and microwave for 30 seconds.

2. See if the water turns warm while the cup is cool. If it does, the cup is safe to go in the microwave. Otherwise, the cup is not microwave-safe.

If you want to warm your coffee, transfer it to a microwave-safe cup or bowl before reheating.

Microwaving your McDonald’s coffee directly in its cup is not a good idea, especially if the cup has adhesives and plastic materials on it.

Microwaving McDonald’s Coffee

Here are a few things to do before warming your McDonald’s coffee in the microwave:

· Transfer the beverage into a microwave-safe mug or bowl.

· Adjust the microwave power levels depending on the variety of coffee you want to warm.

  • If the coffee includes a dairy product, heat it to 74°C to stop bacteria growth.

  • Start heating your coffee at a low setting, then increase the time to warm the beverage without scalding the milk or cream.

  • Do not use a lid to cover the mug or bowl.

  • Utilize 30-second increments when warming coffee in the microwave.

  • After each time frame, stop the microwave and stir. This helps to distribute the warmth in your coffee evenly.

  • Use a towel or glove to take the coffee out of the microwave.


Do not microwave a McDonald’s coffee cup to warm your coffee unless the cup has a “microwave-safe” label.

McDonald’s coffee cups include a plastic and wax coating that can melt when exposed to extreme heat.

When it does, you can no longer drink your coffee, as the toxic materials will leach into it.

Use microwave-safe cups or bowls instead to warm your favorite McDonald’s drink.

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