This Is How To Cook Bacon in the Microwave Without Paper Towels

Bacon in the Microwave

Bacon is one of the staples when it comes to breakfast. You can also add it to your sandwiches, salad, baked potatoes, and just about anything.

The most important thing that you should be worried about is that cooking the standard way on the stovetop is not fun. Sometimes it can be messy and hazardous if the fat pops in the process.

Can you cook bacon in the microwave without paper towels? Yes. One way of doing this is to use a bowl upside down and then set it on a plate. Drape the bacon properly on top of the bowl and microwave for a minute. All greases will run down the bowl, and you will end up with crispy bacon from your microwave.

In this guide, you will learn some tips and tricks on properly achieving crispy bacon even without using paper towels in your microwave.

Cooking Bacon

Many families cook bacon quite frequently during their breakfast. If you are a big family with little ones, you are probably always trying the best and easiest way to cook.

Some people quit making bacon on their usual stovetop because it can be quite messy. But, here’s the good news. You will be able to get bacon every bit as good with less cleanup by using your microwave oven.

One of the most famous go-to methods for cooking bacon is baking it in the oven. But what if you need only a few slices or need your bacon to cook fast?

Then you can use the method of cooking it in the microwave. Using a microwave with proper knowledge and techniques will give you a crispy result. You need to know some factors like how long to cook it and which microwave bacon cooker is the best.

Guide to Microwaving Bacon

Microwaving bacon is possible, and you can cook it in different ways. The most common method is using microwave-safe plates lined with paper towels. Ultimately, with the lack of things you need, the final choice will be yours.

This will be based on the appliance wattage power level, the number of slices, the desired doneness, and the tools you have in your kitchen.

Cook Bacon with a Microwave Bacon Cooker – The Original Bacon Wave

There are many tools available online for cooking bacon without any paper towels. It would be best if you tried using a microwave bacon cooker.

It might not be necessary to cook bacon in the microwave, but it can make it easier to cook more bacon with less mess. It also provides a way to help bacon cook evenly. You can try the Original Bacon Wave, which is under 10 dollars and overall worked really well.

All you need to do is load up the bacon and arrange it piece by piece in a tray standing on its side. Stick the skewers through each end to hold the bacon in place while they are in the process of cooking.

Then you can microwave according to their chart. If you are making 14 pieces in your 1000 watt microwave, it can be done in eight and a half minutes.

Cook Bacon with a Microwave Bacon Cooker – The Presto Power Crisp

The second bacon cooker you must try is the Presto Power Crisp. Many people highly recommended this. It seems to be the best in terms of the important things. Here is a brief rundown on how this bacon cooker is used:

  1. Assemble the power crisp by inserting all the plastic racks into the base.

  2. Lay the desired number of bacon strips that you want to eat; it can be up to nine strips over the racks so long as they are not touching.

  3. Microwave according to the directions on the package. For instance, for nine slices of bacon to crisp properly, you need six minutes in your 1000-watt microwave.

  4. Lift immediately with a knife and then transfer to your plate. It is ready to serve.

Healthy Benefits of Bacon

You will be surprised to learn that bacon is considered fairly nutritious, as it is properly loaded with a caloric value that will keep your body full of energy.

For instance, bacon is a potent source of high-quality animal protein. In addition, it contains piles of vitamins, including B1, B2, B5, B6, B3, and B12.

What’s even more surprising is that bacon has the RDA for both selenium and phosphorus, as well as a good amount of minerals like iron, potassium, zinc, and magnesium. Be mindful that bacon is derived from pork, and pork is enriched with nutrients, vitamins, and protein.

On the other hand, the only con of bacon is that it contains fat, saturated and cholesterol. The good news is that because the serving portion of bacon is relatively small, in moderation, it won’t cause major issues that can lead to major illnesses.

You can also mix bacon with something healthy. For example, you can pair crispy bacon with orange or vegetable juice.


Bacon is very versatile, as you can easily cook it in a frying pan, oven, or microwave. However, if you are on the lookout for a fast and easy method, you need to learn how to do it safely using a microwave.

The good news about microwaves is that the energy waves make the cooking process safe and effective. If you follow the right cooking procedure, you do not need to worry about safety issues, as microwaving is a reliable method of cooking bacon.

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