Top 20 Things To Someone Who Loves to Bake

What to Buy Someone

If you think about it, baking can be considered a good mix of art and science. Having the perfect tools and equipment for it is a joy for many bakers.

The right tools can give you the best-baked goodies that you could hope for. This is why many people choose to give baking tools as a present for birthdays and Christmas. 

What to buy someone who loves to bake? You can buy them a kitchen scale, an offset spatula, reusable baking cups, or a classic stand mixer. If your special someone is not a beginner, you can give them some fancy cinnamon sticks or next-level natural food coloring.

In this article, learn about the range of tools and equipment used for baking and why it is important to have these tools in your pantry.

The Best Gifts for Beginner Bakers

There are plenty of kitchen and baking tools that you can look up online, and sometimes it can get pretty overwhelming with regard to what to get.

This is why it is important to know which tools work for beginners and which should be left to professional bakers. Here are some best gifts for novice bakers:

Kitchen Scale

A good kitchen scale is one of the most important tools you need to have at home, as it can allow you to make precise measurements.

It also leads to fewer dishes used; as many of us know, cleaning the dishes is a dilemma for baking.

This Escali Digital Scale is one of the best kitchen scales out there, and it is a staple in many kitchens.

It might not look fancy but believe me; its simplicity has won over people, as it has only two operation buttons.

Offset Spatula

If you are frosting cakes, spreading batter in a pan, or transferring warm cooking to a cooling rack, this offset spatula is the best baking gift.

It can do a lot of amazing things when it comes to baking.

You can use it to butter bread for grilled cheese sandwiches, and then you can flip the sandwiches using the same tool.

They are quite affordable and can vary in size, which is why such spatulas should always be among your must-haves or a gift idea for someone who loves baking.

Silpat Collection

Silpat is known as the gold standard when it comes to reusable sheet pans and liners, and for good reason.

It acts as parchment paper to keep your baked goodies from sticking to your pan without the need to grease it.

It is also made to be used repeatedly and even in batches as it cools quickly.

If you are looking for a real gift win, you can add some Silpat molds along with your standard flat baking mat.

Reusable Baking Cups

If your budget doesn’t work with a fancy gold-standard reusable sheet pan, you can opt for silicone baking cups instead.

They are reusable and easy to work with, and you won’t have to peel off another flimsy sticky paper liner before taking a bite of your muffin.

These OXO cups come in a wide variety of cute colors and feature side tabs to make it more convenient to remove your baked goods.

Classic Stand Mixer

This might be the most expensive tool of them all, but if you have the means and if the particular someone you’re gifting to is a special someone, you can give them a classic stand mixer.

Like many classic stand mixers, this one comes with a flat beater, dough hook, wire whisk, and 5-quart mixing bowl.

The bowl is made from glass, so you can see what is happening on the inside. It has 10 speeds and is powerful enough to create any recipe, whether you are trying to cream butter or knead bread. 

Cheat Sheet Apron

An apron is a must when it comes to baking. So, why not buy one with a cheat sheet on it?

This is a great gifting idea, as this particular apron has different measuring conversions. This means that the recipient will never get stuck wondering how much to add to their recipe.

All they need to do is lift their apron and find the answer they are looking for.

Wilton 3-Tier Collapsible Cooling Rack

A Wilton 3-Tier collapsing cooling rack is one of the must-haves for many baking beginners who are starting to run their business.

This can save you so much space, as it can give you a three-tier rack for all the baked goodies you bake. It can also fold easily and be stored without any hassle.

Whisk Wiper

When it comes to whisks, anyone can relate to the hassle and pain of trying to clean all the mixture from in between the wires.

This whisk wiper is an ingenious cleaner that can wipe away all traces of mixture in your whisk.

It can also act as a stand to keep all the drips off your table or countertop,

Joseph Joseph Adjustable Rolling Pin

If you are trying to roll out the pastry to the right thickness, sometimes it can be a bit of a hassle and more of a guessing game.

Make it an exact measurement using this adjustable rolling pin from the brand Joseph Joseph.

It has removable rings that can help to achieve uniformity in the thickness of the pastry.

Pastry Mat with Measurements

This pastry mat is made out of food-grade silicone. It is a non-slip mat that gives you a wide variety of dimensions, volume, and even weight conversions.

If you are looking for the perfect circumference for your pie dough or any pastry, you need to have this in your toolkit.

The Best Gifts for Cake Lovers

There are many possible gifts for someone who loves to bake, especially if it is all about cake.

Cakes should be made with the right tools and equipment to achieve the most fluffy and delicious ones.

Here are among the best gifts you can give to someone if they fancy different kinds of cakes:

Cake Tester

You know you’ve made it in the industry when it comes to baking cake if someone gives you a cake tester.

There are many ways to test whether a cake is made and cooked properly, but you need to have this dedicated kitchen tool for the task.

Cake Knife

Many people wonder if a cake knife is a necessity; most people will say it is not.

However, many experts believe that if you are a cake enthusiast, you should consider giving this gift to a person who likes cake.

This will give you the precision you are looking for and will be able to serve the perfect slice of cake.

Frosting Deco Pen

Plastic is never good for the environment. No longer should you cut off a corner of those plastic bags to frost your cake.

Instead, use this frosting deco pen. It produces professional results, making it a must-have for many cake bakers out there.

Rotating Cake Stand

Using a rotating cake stand has never been so easy. This stand helps with the decoration part of baking a cake without giving you the hassle of rotating it.

All the baker has to do to decorate the cake properly is to spin it; no need to move in the opposite direction.

Steel Crank Flour Sifter

A flour sifter is one of the most fundamental tools when it comes to baking a cake.

If you have not sifted flour before, you should question your baking experience.

This steel crank flour sifter is an old-school way of doing it but it works best as a gift for a baker who has a more rustic style of baking in the kitchen.

Digital Measuring Cup

Everything is digital nowadays, so why not give someone a digital measuring cup?

This kind of measuring cup gives you a detailed digital reading so you won’t have to eyeball everything that you see in the cup.

It also gives you an extra bit of accuracy, which can mean the difference between success and failure in the baking department.

You don’t want to have a soggy-bottomed cake because it contains too much liquid.

Gifts for the Baker Who Has Everything

It might be hard to give a gift to someone who has everything in terms of tools and equipment.

That’s why this section is important to consider, as there are still other ways to give presents to someone who loves to bake.

Here are some examples of what you can give to a friend, colleague, or family member who has everything:

Truly Superlative Cinnamon

There is no way to talk about Kirkland Saigon Cinnamon without sounding like a real lunatic.

In terms of spices, as well as the warm and somehow sweet taste it has, this offers a lot.

It is also among the most beloved types of cinnamon out there. Your baked goods will be amazing once they are out of the oven.

Grinder for Baking Needs

Sticking with the spice theme, this grinder is the best out there. It is quickly becoming a favorite among many because of its versatility.

You can use this to make freshly ground alternative flours that are made from nuts or even grains.

It is small enough to store properly if you are not using it.

Next-Level Natural Food Coloring

Have you ever heard the phrase, “Friends don’t let friends settle for artificial food coloring?”

This is actually true. There are plenty of natural food colorings out there. Suncore Foods has developed vibrant, all-natural food dyes from different ingredients like hibiscus or pandan leaves.

It will make your iced cookies show-stopping goodies.

Bamboo Recipe Book Stand

It might be the last thing you think about, but do not underestimate a recipe book stand.

This bamboo recipe book stand ensures that you always have your recipes at the perfect angle, and it is easy to read and understand.

It is made from high-end quality bamboo so that it can complement your decor’s colors with a sleek and elegant look.

The Importance of Baking With the Right Tools

As you are well aware, baking is an art that anyone can learn as long as they have passion and commitment.

What has made baking easier over time is access to many recipes and tips on many platforms.

A lot of people opt to make their own meals because it’s cheaper and safe.

Here are some of the reasons why you should bake with the right tools and equipment to further your baking skills:

Saves Time

When you bake using the right tools and utensils, you save a lot of time. For example, having the right pan allows you to cook your dish faster.

This is especially important when you have a busy schedule, and you probably do not have the whole day to bake.

For example, if you are a working mom, you might need to have an hour to prepare your baking ingredients because you have other commitments.

Using the right tools and equipment will make sure that your baked goods are ready on time.

Produces a Delicious Taste

Gifting the right baking tools to someone who loves to bake will help them achieve better-tasting baked goods.

If you use the correct tools for all your bakes, you can rest assured that you will get the most out of your cakes, cookies, etc.

Different baked goods have different tastes. For instance, there are savory baked goods, and there are sweet ones.

If you use the correct tools, you will find it easier to measure all your ingredients.

As a result, you will have the most amazing cakes or bread in the end.

Is More Fun

If you own all the right tools and equipment, baking tends to be more fun. It can also serve as a great bonding experience with family, as you get to enjoy the preparation and baking time.

You can visit a food blog and find recipes that are quite fun to make and cook as a family.

To do this properly and effectively, you need the right tools.

It is quite hard to improvise, especially if you follow a recipe that requires certain equipment or tools.

This means that giving a baking tool or piece of equipment as a present comes in handy, as you get to enjoy the present and its application.

Think about the holidays such as Christmas and Thanksgiving; it is all about family.

This is one way of making sure that your family stays together and performs a task together.

Makes Baking Easier

Baking with the correct tools and equipment will make your life easier and more comfortable.

This is especially when you are working with a technical recipe that is beyond the beginner level.

Many people find it hard to execute such complex recipes despite their best efforts.

When working with complex instructions, it is easier if you have the right tools.

This means that you do not have to improvise everything; you can follow the recipe’s steps.

Makes for Beautiful Food Presentation

Having the right tools and equipment will not only make it easier to prepare all the ingredients but will also allow you to present your food properly.

This will make all your baked goodies look like a professional baker created them.

To achieve this, you need to have the correct tools. For instance, if you grate your cheese properly, your baked goodies will look more presentable and palatable.


It is not hard to select the right gift for someone who loves to bake, as almost anything will be useful to them.

Try to give them tools to help them hone their craft and love for baking. Some even prefer to get ingredients for their baking, like a high-end pure vanilla extract or the Suncore all-natural food coloring.

It is also worth mentioning that having all these tools is important for making your baked goodies palatable and delicious.

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