Top 4 Reasons Not To Put a Non-Microwave-Safe Mug in the Microwave

Non-Microwave-Safe Mug

Your microwave is the most irritating and mysterious kitchen instrument; it can cause marshmallows to explode, metals to spark, and some water to boil really fast.

This is why many people use microwaves to heat their favorite beverages or just plain boil water. It begs the question: Which cups are best to use, and are non-microwave-safe mugs safe to use?

What happens if you put a non-microwave-safe mug in the microwave? It will get really hot to the point that it can burn your bare hands. This is because it can absorb microwave energy and get hot quickly—sometimes hotter than the beverage you put into your mug.

You will learn more about the dangers of using non-microwave-safe mugs in your microwave in this article. This also includes some of the best microwave-safe mugs you should get yourself so you won’t have to worry about all these risks.

Dangers of Using Non-Microwave-Safe Mugs in the Microwave

If you are using non-microwave-safe mugs in your microwave, many problems can arise. This can range from your liquid not heating enough to starting a house fire.

This is why it is crucial to first check your mug’s label to see it falls in the category of Safe for Microwave Use. Here are some risks that you can encounter if you use non-microwave-safe mugs:

Risks of Fire

If you use a metal cup or paper cups, it can pose a danger in the microwave. Microwaving metal can cause it to spark, leading to a fire. You need to look out for metal cups or paper cups with metal trim or edging.

In terms of paper cups, some papers are treated with chemicals that can cause combustion inside a microwave. You should not microwave cups made of wood, as it is very flammable.

Risks from Plastics

When dealing with plastic mugs, you should always look for the “Safe” stamp on them. This is because the stamp means that the FDA approved it, and it is safe to use.

If it lacks the stamp, it can only mean that when the FDA tested it with heat, the chemicals from the plastic seeped into the liquid.

If that is the case, you should not use any plastic mugs that do not have a stamp if you do not want to jeopardize your health.

Risks from Glazes

Many ceramic mugs are treated with a food-grade glaze and are perfectly safe to use in the microwave. However, some ceramic brands are treated with glazes that contain lead and other metals.

You might want to be on the alert with those brands, as they can pose a potential health risk.

In the United States, ceramics that do not have food-grade glaze are marked with warning labels indicating that they cannot be used for any liquid and food.

If you are unsure, just do not use the ceramic for your favorite beverages or in the microwave.

Damage to Mugs

Non-microwave-safe plastic cups can melt and become ruined if you microwave them. The melted plastic can damage the inside of your microwave, or it can burn your skin if you touch it.

It’s also worth mentioning that while most glass mugs are safe in the microwave, fragile glassware can crack when heated.

Best Microwave-Safe Mugs

There are many microwave-safe mugs available; all you have to do is look for their label, and you are good to go.

If you enjoy heating your water using a microwave, you don’t need to worry, as there are many microwave-safe mugs on the market. Here are some of the best microwave-safe mugs out there:

Le Creuset Mug

This is a classic kitchenware piece that can last through many cups of coffee or tea.

Thanks to its thick stoneware construction, you can enjoy a durable, microwave-safe stoneware mug that has been one of the kitchen’s most respected brands.

Le Creuset has been a giant in the cookware industry for over 100 years and is a favorite among coffee and tea lovers.

The mugs are made of thick stoneware, a type of ceramic fired at a very high temperature with glass added for strength. It has a coating of Le Creuset’s high-quality enamel glaze, which prevents scratching and resists staining.

Serami Classic Diner Mugs

Serami offers four Classic Diner Mugs that can last thanks to their extra-thick chip-proof design forever.

This mug’s advantage is that it won’t break your break, as it is budget-friendly compared to Le Creuset. It is known to be affordable but still serves you well with its heavy-duty construction.

If you like to collect mugs, you can get this one, as it comes with a matching set to keep your kitchen looking clean and organized.

This thick ceramic is designed to help insulate all your hot beverages. According to experts, ceramic is one of the best materials in mugs, as it holds onto heat properly while maintaining the correct temperature of your favorite beverages.

W&P Porter Ceramic Mug

Someone who is looking for a sleek and perfect design should check out the W&P Porter Ceramic Mug. This is perfect for both home purposes and if you are on the go.

The Porter ceramic mug is considered a smart buy, and it has a silicone sleeve to help you protect yourself. Plus, it is microwave-safe and dishwasher-safe at the same time.

Porter ceramic mugs will give you the satisfaction of retaining heat without absorbing flavors and having to resort to your typical stainless steel.

They are crafted from durable ceramic and are a great alternative to disposable plastic cups or metal to-go mugs.


Using a non-microwave-safe mug in the microwave is not a good thing, as it can pose different risks to your liquid, food, body, and microwave.

Knowing all these risks can give you an idea about how to find the right mug to use. Check out the microwave-safe mugs listed above, and you can see the difference.

They are safe and will give you the satisfaction you need without worrying about the hazards.

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