~ Top 5 Heat-Resistant Paint To Use On Your Appliances

Painting appliances is one way of updating your kitchen without having to take on an expensive renovation. It is the same principle as painting exposed bricks or even a bathtub.

Putting a fresh coat on your appliance can make your hardworking machine look brand new, but you might have many questions about the kind of paint you use as you deal with appliances.

Is appliance paint heat-resistant? Yes, there are many heat-resistant finishes for appliances. Appliance paint is a good option to dramatically change your kitchen’s look and feel, and it can also withstand the high temperature that appliances omit.

In this article, you will learn more about the use of appliance paint and how it can help you attain the aesthetic you need as well as the heat resistance you are looking for.

Appliance Paint Is Different

You can achieve many professional-looking results by painting your appliance. However, this is probably not the best time to use up all the extra wall paint in your garage.

That’s because appliance paint is specially formulated for metal surfaces and the kind of extra-tough wear and tear to which you can subject your appliance.

Many appliance paints are heat-resistant because appliances are involved in heating.

When it comes to appliance paint, your selection will vary depending on the type of appliance you have.

Appliance paint is known to have heat-resistant finishes, which can work best when your appliance gets hot over an extended period.

You should use only high-heat paint for your stove, oven, or oven toaster.

Type of Appliance Paint to Use

There is a wide variety of appliance paint from which to choose, from spray paint to actual paint. You should not use spray paint on any surface that comes in direct contact with food.

This is because most spray paint used in the appliance is not tested for food safety. For appliances like your refrigerator or your dishwater that can get wet easily, you can get a good result if you choose moisture-resistant appliance paint.

If you are looking for some specific brands of appliance paint, you can seek Rust-Oleum, Krylon, and Giani.

These are the popular household appliance-based brands, and they come in different varieties, whether heat-resistant or moisture-resistant.

For Rust-Oleum and Krylon, you can expect to find black, white, almond, and bisque/biscuit colors.

Giani offers liquid stainless steel, a DIY kit to give your boring and outdated appliance a sleek, luxurious look.

A lot of experts recommend using spray paints, as it is easier to use on your appliances. It works especially if you are trying to reach narrow spots.

Best Heat-Resistant Appliance Paint

When dealing with appliance paint, you need to consider extreme temperatures, as this can encourage oxidation.

You will end up having an appliance that is prone to rust and pitting, and ultimately the loss of structural integrity.

The right coating and finish can prevent this. Also, high-temperature paints feature insulating properties that can protect exhausts, engine manifolds, and more.

Here are some of the top heat-resistant appliance paints available on the market:

Rust-Oleum 7882830 Appliance Epoxy

Rust-Oleum Appliance Epoxy Enamel spray paint is made with ultra-hard, moisture-resistant enamel.

This means that it can be used on most of your metal appliances at home, as it can provide smooth, washable surfaces to refine the exterior of your appliance.

It can be used in your refrigerators, dishwashers, laundry machines, and other indoor metal applications like cabinets and tables.

You can make your appliances look brand new for just a few dollars. The hard epoxy finish washes easily and can resist any abrasion. It stops rust formulation against moisture and scratches.

Dykem 80300 Steel Blue Layout Fluid

Dykem 80300 is used to provide a glare-free, uniform color so that your appliance will look clear and sharp.

This product comes in a transparent blue stain, and it can also be used to cover up different defects or pinholes.

It provides a thin film without cracking or even chipping, and it can dry within minutes for convenience. You can expect this to come in a bottle containing 4 oz fluid.

Krylon K01709077 High Heat Spray Paint

Krylon High Heat provides a heat resistance that can withstand temperatures up to 1200° F intermittently and 600° F continuously.

It can also dry in the rack in less than 15 minutes and can prevent rust. Just fair warning:

This kind of heat spray paint is not to be used on cooking surfaces.

Rust-Oleum 7778502 Heat Protective Enamel

Rust-Oleum Specialty High Heat can retain its color and finish even up to 1000 degrees F.

You can use this to apply to grills, wood-burning stoves, radiators, engines, and other metal items in your kitchen.

It can provide rust protection, and a rich satin finish that can resist up to 1200° F. This heat-protective enamel has a fast-drying formula and is good for indoor and outdoor use. 

Rutland Premium Hi-Temp Brush-On Paint

Rutland Premium Brush-On Paint is specially made to resist peeling and blistering at high temperatures of 1400 °F.

It also renews the finish on any natural cast iron, some of your grills, ovens, and even cookers.

You can use this paint for anything, as it comes with a high-temperature-resistant, flat black coating capability.

This low0VOC paint is perfect for grills, stoves, smokers, stovepipes, fireplace inserts, furnaces, firebricks, and even chimneys.


Appliance paint comes in a wide variety of types, either heat-resistant or moisture-resistant.

When dealing with paints, the first step is to find out which one you need. Once you figure it all out, you can buy the right one.

Heat-resistant appliance paints can hold up to 1000 °F, so you won’t have to worry about dealing with a lot of heat, flame, or even grease.

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