‌White‌ ‌Kitchen‌ ‌Appliances‌ ‌Might Not Be Making‌ ‌a‌ ‌Comeback… But…

‌‌Kitchen‌ ‌Appliances‌‌

When it comes to kitchen design and aesthetics, many people still opt for the original style, with a room full of shelving, a wood stove, and an eating area.

Kitchen appliances were all over the place, and they have one thing in common: all white. Having white kitchen appliances has never gone out of style.

Are‌ ‌white‌ ‌kitchen‌ ‌appliances‌ ‌making‌ ‌a‌ ‌comeback?‌ ‌Not really because white kitchen appliances continue to be the most popular color, and many people prefer them. They haven’t gone out of style.

Learn about white appliances in this article and why they are still on the market even today.

White Appliances Making a Comeback

White appliances might seem odd to many people in the 21st century, as they can signify an homage to old technology.

Today, it seems that appliances come in a wide variety of colors, and white is left out. However, this is not true.

While sometimes people prefer to have slick stainless steel as their appliances, white is still dominating the market.

There is a reason why many people do not prefer white. This is because white can get dirty easily.

Many frustrating moments are spent trying to clean up fingerprints, hand smudges, and doggy tail brush marks.

Many manufacturers are elevating their games, offering higher quality materials and looks.

Stainless Steel Is Out, White Is In

According to many interior designers, the stainless steel dominance of the large appliance colors could be waning.

White might be the new shiny gray, partly because of the normal shelf life trend that changes every 10 years.

Here are some reasons why white appliances are trending right now:

  1. Best Buy is known to be charging $100 more if you are planning to buy a stainless steel version of its refrigerator as compared to the white one.

  2. The Sub-Zero fridge stainless steel that Consumer Reports rated fifth costs more than $1,500 over the normal package.

  3. According to Consumer Reports, many people in the European Union are leaning toward glass-fronted white refrigerators.

  4. Whirlpool has a new Ice collection of appliances that are available only in white and black.

  5. White kitchen design is consistently popular and the safest choice for those who are afraid to add a touch of color to their homes.

  6. White is considered a good representation of cleanliness and will jive with every color you can think of.

  7. HGTV and remodeling TV shows are beginning to put white appliances in their backdrops.


No matter what your opinion is about stainless steel and white appliances in general, every trend has its lifespan.

White appliances prove their worth by continually showing that you can never go wrong with the color white.

Plus, they have a vibe of cleanliness and peacefulness, and who doesn’t want that?

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