You Can’t Just Microwave Any Plate ~ This Is Why

Microwaving Your Plate

Heating food is a convenient way to prepare a meal in less time. Because most people today live a busy life, juggling work and family, preparing a meal has become a hassle.

Microwave ovens have been a great advantage for most families around the world, but it is important to choose the right plate to heat food.

Can you microwave a plate? Yes but only if it is marked as microwave-safe. You can also microwave plain paper plates but not disposable tableware coated in a thin layer of plastic.

Below, learn the importance of using the right plate to heat food in a microwave oven and how to determine whether a plate is microwave-safe. Let’s get into it.

How to Tell If a Plate Is Microwave-Safe

Many plates are labeled as microwave-safe. Therefore, it will not be difficult for you to buy the right piece.

When you microwave the wrong dish, you could ruin both the dinner and the dinnerware.

What’s worse is that using the wrong dish can also damage your microwave.

To avoid any unfortunate events, here’s how to tell if a plate is microwave-safe:

Examine the Dish

Turn over the dish so that the bottom is facing you. See if the back of the dish has a “Microwave Safe” label on it, which means you can use it in microwaves.

Meanwhile, other plates have a “Not for Use in Microwaves” label. Continue to the next step if the plate does not show either of the two.

Turn Up the Heat

The next step is to turn up the microwave’s power setting to its highest level.

The way to do this varies on every microwave model and brand. Check the microwave’s manual to learn how to power up the heat.

Usually, you can see the “Power,” “Menu,” “Power Level,” or “Settings” buttons on most microwaves, and the highest power is the default setting.

Add Water

Put a glass measuring cup or bowl with one cup of water, then place both the plate and the bowl or cup in the microwave.

You can place the cup of water on the dish but do not pour the water into it.

Set the Time

Set the microwave for one minute to heat the dish and cup of water. When done, check the plate to see if it is hot or warm.

If so, the plate is not microwave-safe. For the dish to be considered microwave-safe, the cup of water should be hot, but not the dish.

Also, note that even if the area around the cup of water is warm, the plate is still considered microwave-safe as long as the rest of it is cool.

What Plates Can You Microwave?

Plates made from ceramic, glass, Styrofoam, and plastic can be safe to use in the microwave.

However, these should earn the “Microwave Safe” label from the FDA.

To ensure that you’re getting the right plate, here are some of the most trusted microwave-safe plates:

Corelle Winter Frost White Dinnerware Set

Corelle Winter Frost White plates are lightweight and indestructible. This is an 18-piece set that is designed for everyday use.

All pieces in this set are microwave-safe. You can also use them in ovens and dishwashers.

This set includes triple-layer strong glass plates that are chip-resistant.

It also has a 3-year replacement warranty that you can use in case of a manufacturer defect.

If you are into thin and stackable plates, Corelle is the perfect option, especially if you’re running out of cabinet space.

Gibson Elite Soho Lounge Square Stoneware Dinnerware

These ceramic plates are not unbreakable, but they are absolutely worth investing in.

The Gibson Elite Soho Lounge Square Stoneware set is good for both special occasions and everyday use.

Because it is made with ceramic material, you can use it in both microwaves and dishwashers.

Take note that the plate can get slightly hot to the touch when it is heated for longer than a few minutes.

AmazonBasics 6-Piece Dinner Plate Set

Another product that you can include in your microwave-safe plate collection is the budget-friendly AmazonBasics.

It has a clean aesthetic that will look great for plating different kinds of foods.

You don’t have to worry about toxic chemicals making their way into your food, as this plate is made of durable, BPA-free porcelain.

For those who prefer lightweight plates, AmazonBasics is ideal.

This plate is also safe to use in the freezer, oven, and dishwasher, making it a convenient food-handling tool.

Shopwithgreen Wheat Straw Plates

Innovative bio-plastic products are making their move to reduce the use of petroleum-based plastics.

Shopwithgreen Wheat Straw Plates are made of wheat straw fiber, a certified food-safe material that is FDA-approved, and BPA-free.

Despite being made out of wheat straw, this plate is so sturdy that it can last for years.

It also requires minimal maintenance compared to other plates.

Shopwithgreen Wheat Straw Plates are also great for kids. They do not stain, and they are odorless.

You can eat straight from it after microwaving, as it is microwave-safe, and you can wash it in the dishwasher.

This plate is 8.8 inches in diameter and weighs 3.7 ounces.

To make it last, make sure to be careful when using forks and knives, as the plates get scratches pretty easily.

Premium Ceramic Colorful Meal Stoneware

If you want bigger plates, these 11-inch-diameter microwave-safe plates are ideal for you.

Among the advantages of these plates is that they allow you to handle and heat a huge amount of food at once.

When you heat food with this plate, you can avoid microwaving food in batches, allowing you to save huge amounts on your electricity bill.

Premium Ceramic Stoneware is available in different colors. Its material also features an extra-shine effect, making it look expensive even though its actual price is budget-friendly.

With this beautiful plate, you can serve food directly from the microwave, as it does not get hot after microwaving.


To be considered microwave-safe, plates in the U.S. should be tested by the FDA. If an item does not have this label, the plate is not safe for microwave use or has not been tested.

Nevertheless, it is still not safe to use a plate that is not microwave-safe when heating food.

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