You Might Be Able To Microwave A Dixie Cup ~ Be Careful

Dixie Cups in the Microwave

Dixie is a brand of disposable paper cups that are among the most popular in the U.S.

The brand was launched way back in 1907, and since then, millions of people have used Dixie cups to reduce the risk of bacterial and viral transmissions and infections.

These cups are designed to hold both cold and hot beverages, but are they safe to go in the microwave?

Can Dixie cups go in the microwave? Yes, Dixie cups claim to be microwave-safe, so they are safe to use to reheat liquids in the microwave. But, there are other, safer options, such as microwave-safe mugs or bowls.

To take a better look at the topic, read on to learn the best way to reheat your favorite drink using Dixie cups and be aware of the safety precautions when microwaving paper cups.

This post will answer the question of whether it is safe to reheat liquids using Dixie cups.

Is It Safe to Microwave Dixie Cups?

Dixie cups have a “microwave safe” label. But if you ask most people, their opinion is that it is bad to microwave Dixie cups.

The reason is that these paper cups have wax and plastic coating to prevent leaks.

When you heat a Dixie cup with coffee or tea inside, the wax or plastic coating will melt and leach into your drink.

The cup might also deform or burn because of the extreme heat.

Another primary concern about microwaving beverages in paper cups is that the microwave distributes heat unevenly.

As a result, the dry part of the paper cup will get severe damage. In most cases, your drink ends up tasting odd and is no longer safe to drink.

Safe Way to Microwave Dixie Cups

Most people believe that it is not safe to microwave Dixie cups, but there are some exceptions.

Aside from the popular paper and plastic cups from the brand, you can find other varieties.

Dixie also sells paper cups that are made of recycled paper, which positively contributes to the environment.

Follow These Steps to Microwave a Dixie Cup:

1. Do not fill the cup to full.

2. Use a medium power level or the reheat setting of the microwave.

3. Reheat for 2 minutes or less.

4.Stir your coffee or tea every 30 seconds to distribute the heat evenly.

Take note of these tips before microwaving any microwave-safe Dixie cups.


Heating your favorite hot beverage using a Dixie cup is safe, as the brand claims.

However, it is still best to warm your drink using other, safer options like microwave-safe mugs and bowls.

If your only option is a Dixie cup, make sure to follow the tips I mentioned earlier.

Heating drinks using Dixie cups is still risky because the cups’ interior is covered with wax or plastic to prevent leaks.

When these materials are exposed to a high heat level inside the microwave, they will melt and mix into your drink.

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