You Might Not Want Your Kitchen Appliances To Be The Same Color

Same Color Kitchen Appliances

There are many factors to consider when it comes to kitchen renovation, like the size, features, and cost. This is important because you don’t want to get overwhelmed with all the purchases you need to make.

Another concern is whether you want uniformity in your kitchen space, like having all the kitchen appliances in the same color.

Should kitchen appliances be the same color? Not necessarily. Only your major kitchen appliances should have the same finish. Good thing that you do not have to match the brand, model, and style. You only need to figure out the color that you want, and you’re all set.

This article will give you more ideas from experts and interior designers regarding whether all kitchen appliances should be in the same color.

Do Kitchen Appliances Need to Match?

Many people are still questioning themselves about the overall aesthetic color of their kitchen appliances.

According to experts, mixed color appliances are okay, but there will always be exceptions, and that is when mixing colors are too similar and don’t match.

While there may be conflicting concerns about this one, home design is basically up to the owner’s perspective. Mixing appliances’ colors is a great way to express different personal styles.

Design Dilemma

It might be acceptable to many, but the problem with mixing and matching finishes is that it can look as though you have taken a piecemeal approach to replace your appliances.

As the general rule, all you need to have is the same finish, and you do not need to match in terms of brand, style, or even model. This is perfect for people who do not want to buy many appliances and replace their appliances over time.

If you like some variety and a pop of color in your kitchen, you can opt to panel your kitchen appliances to match the surrounding cabinetry.

However, if you’re a person who has a new house to build and is wondering what finish to choose, you can look at different kitchen counters online for inspiration.

If the color of your countertop is light, you can choose white appliances. On the other hand, if it has a black base, you can opt for black appliances.

The Perfect Coloring Combination

Because your kitchen appliances are known to be a major investment, you will most likely see a high return. This is if your appliances are of exceptional quality and from a well-respected manufacturer.

The point here is rather than just investing and matching the colors and brands of different major kitchen appliances, you should focus more on the appliances’ energy efficiency.

If you are concerned about aesthetics and color, you can always opt for stainless steel, white, and black appliances.

They are here to stay, and as neutrals, these finishes can easily be combined or with one of those fun and dynamic colors from the biggest manufacturers like Smeg, KitchenAid, Viking, and many more.

The colors to choose from are cobalt blue, apple red, emerald green, pink, purple, orange, and yellow. These colors can be paired with your white, stainless steel, and black appliances.

As a result, you will end up with a quirky and unique look for your kitchen. Just try to avoid mixing white and off-white or two other different black shades, as this can leave your kitchen feeling unbalanced.

Lastly, keep in mind that when planning your kitchen renovation, you should consider your cabinetry covers. This is because it is considered the largest surface area and can be a great starting point for your chosen color scheme.

Kitchen Appliance Trends

In an energy-conscious world, many people are becoming more invested in diversifying their cooking skills; appliance function is the biggest factor.

This is why many people doing their renovations tend to mix and blend brand names in terms of quality and function. This is in contrast to sticking to one appliance suite for their kitchen.

When it comes to appliance color trends, 2020 has seen many retro colors in terms of kitchen aesthetics. Stainless steel is considered to be timeless, and black and white can never go out of style.

The best thing about kitchen renovation and getting all your kitchen appliances in the same color is that it will always depend on personal style.

You need to get appliances you love and that have similar finishes. But if you can’t, you can stick with two colors that can easily work together.

Embrace Design Solutions

You might find it refreshing, as many interior designers will shrug off contrasting or mismatched appliances. This is because there are a lot of ways you can accomplish this kind of effect through design.

Many designers agreed on this concept, as it might be a new design solution evolving throughout the decades.

You can imagine a funky backsplash that can somehow tie in all the colors, and then you can pick a wall paint that perfectly complements the other colors in your kitchen.

There is one solution to which many people gravitate: painting their appliances with resin paint so their kitchen can be matchy-matchy.

This is okay, but you should keep in mind how hard-working your appliance will be and how often you should clean it.

This year is all about technology and smart solutions, so instead of worrying about the aesthetic looks, you should consider energy-saving consumption. The rest are just details.


Many interior designers disagree that your kitchen appliances should be the same color. It might be a personal style, and as long as you have the means, you can still do it; find the perfect paint to use, and you are good to go.

Find the right color that can complement your overall aesthetic plan for your kitchen. It might be a single color or two, as long as it has a touch of your taste. 

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